Canada offers some of the following opportunities and benefits (the complete list is too long to include here) to its permanent residents:

  • The opportunity to enjoy the same rights and benefits the citizens of one of the best countries in the world.
  • The most flexible residency requirements in the developed world; the ability to maintain Canadian permanent residency as long as at least 730 days (2 years) of any 5-year period are spent physically in the country. These days may be non-consecutive.
  • The above requirement is automatically fulfilled the Canadian permanent resident is employed by a Canadian company, while living outside of Canada.  This automatically applies to all members of the resident’s immediate family who resides with him/her outside of Canada at that time.
  • The ability to act as sponsor for one’s parents (and your siblings under 19 years of age who are living with the) and grandparents, so that they too may receive their Canadian permanent residence status.
  • The opportunity of applying for Canadian citizenship after accumulating at least 1095 days (3 years of physical residency) in Canada during any 4-year period.  These days may be non-consecutive.
  • To hold multiple nationalities.
  • Contrary to its their neighbors in the United States, Canadians and Canadian permanent residents pay income tax on the basis of physical residency. Consequently, while Canadians are living permanently outside of Canada, they are not required to pay Canadian income tax on any income that is made outside of Canada.
  • Access to affordable world-class post-secondary education, which is financed and subsidized by both the federal and the various provincial governments.
  • Newly arrived permanent residents can attend free intensive courses in English and/or French and in some cases; the government provides financial assistance to those studying on a full time basis.
  • Both the federal and the provincial governments offer many programs to help finance and subsidize existing and new business, in all types of industries – from guaranteed loans of up to $250,000 for business expansion, to subsidizing the salaries of employees, aimed at motivating employers to hire new personnel (up to 80% of the gross monthly salary during the first six months of the employment).
  • The Canadian federal government has a program, which provides incentives, training, support, and resources for the recruitment, internship programs, retention and promotion of skilled immigrants by Canadian employers.
  • The Canadian federal government has a Foreign Credential Recognition Program whose purpose is to help internationally trained workers get jobs in their field in Canada, faster.
  • Canada provides a wide range of social services and benefits

Social services and Benefits:

  • Social assistance (for those who are unable to find employment and/or are unable to work for medical reasons).
  • Unemployment insurance (for those who find themselves unemployed).
  • Basic pension, even if you haven’t worked a single day in Canada.
  • Old-age insurance and guaranteed income supplement (if the basic pension is insufficient to cover sustenance expenses).
  • Subsidized prescribed medication and medical aids for pensioners as well as people with low income and (they only pay an administrative fee of CAD $2 for any amount of prescribed medication).
  • State-subsidized lodgings for people with a low income.
  • Workers’ compensation (in case of accident in the workplace making them unfit for work).
  • Private nurseries subsidized by the State (depending on annual income).
  • Tax benefits and monthly payments for each child in the family under the age of 18 years.
  • Tax benefits, monthly payments and discounts on a number of articles, such as diapers and baby food for parents with low income
  • Government subsidies of up to 98% of medication expenses (for people with a low income)
  • Government grants for people who wish to change/update their profession/occupation and need to re-qualify and take courses or continue their studies.
  • Free intensive government courses which provide job-search techniques and strategies

In order to be able to continue offering these and many more benefits, the Canadian Government sets high annual immigration quotas and maintains the biggest and most accessible immigration system in the world.  The Canadian government has announced its 2021 Canadian Annual Immigration Plan!

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Canada – your future awaits you