We know that Immigrating to Canada can be a journey of complexity and confusion which is why we have answered the most common questions that we receive.


Do I need my english examination results before starting the process with you?

No, it is not a requirement to obtain your IELTS english exam results, because we have our English coaches who help you prepare for the english exam.

When you become our client – you have access to 1 on 1 weekly classes from our professional English coaches that specialize in preparing you for the IELTS exam — specifically for Immigration purposes.

It’s important to note that the English language exam for Canadian Immigration is very unique and requires organized and very catered preparation.

The teaching methodology of our English coaches is as follows:

1.  To begin with, our English coaches give you a diagnostic test as well a quick IELTS General quiz to assess your current English level.

2.  Our coaches create a specific strategy that fits the needs of each student.  The English language exam is a very unique exam that requires organized and catered preparation.  For example, it is important to understand that in the Reading section of the IELTS exam – you MUST only skim through the text in order to have enough time to respond to all the questions.

3.  Taking as many practice tests as possible is necessary in order to be prepared for exam day.  Our English coaches make sure that our clients practice with previous exams (which includes questions and answers) that were asked in recent exams.  In addition, our coaches introduce unique tips and templates that students can use to better structure their thoughts and arguments during the exam.

How long is the entire Immigration process?

In very approximate terms, the process to receive your permanent residence status can take around 8-12 months (or less). That being said, it can be shorter. The REAL time it would take to process a large part depends on how fast you (as the client) will provide us with all the information and documents required by the Immigration authorities of Canada.

It is important to understand that this process must not be seen as an external part of one’s life, but as something that in no way interferes with one’s regular life, and something that is an extension of one’s regular life. What makes this possible is the fact that Canada has such a FLEXIBLE physical residency requirement.

How do the Canadian Immigration authorities choose qualified applicants?

In order to be eligible for a Canada Immigration Permanent Resident Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker program, you must:

  1. Attain at least 67 points (out of 100 points) based on the six selection factors created by the Immigration authorities. (For each selection factor there are amount of points that one can be awarded.)  Scroll down to understand each of the 6 selection factors.


  1. Pass the minimum level (could be more, depending on your specific profile) of language ability for English or French (again, depending on how many points you have, you may be required to pass for both English and French language abilities).


  1. Have settlement funds when arriving to Canada (showing proof to the Canadian government that you and your spouse / partner [if applicable] have enough funds to live in Canada).  Remember, every person’s profile is different which means that the settlement fund amounts could be different.



  • Have at least 1 year of continuous full-time, or equivalent part-time, paid work experience during the last 10 years in a skilled occupation OR
  • Qualify for Arranged Employment in Canada (a full time, permanent job offer from a Canadian employer) OR
  • Have completed a PhD from a recognized institution in Canada; OR
  • Have completed 2 years of study at a recognized institution in Canada towards a PhD;
Approximately how much $ money will I need for the process?

The dollar amount is different depending on the size of each family:  Please click here to check according to your situation.

    How much is cost of living in Canada (food, home etc.)

    In very approximate terms, considering that every person’s lifestyle is different and that each province in Canada has a higher or lower standard of living:

    1 person – ~$2,000 CAD / month

    2 people – ~$3,000 CAD / month

    3 people – ~$4,000 CAD / month

    4 people – ~ $4,500 CAD / month

    5 people – ~ $5,000 CAD / month

      What is the next step?

      In short, the next step in working with us – is to sign the client-contract.  The client-contract tells you everything that is expected of you as the client and us as the service provider.  If you haven’t yet received your client-contract  you may schedule a phone/video call with us here.

      Job Opportunaties

      How can I get a job in Canada? Do you help us get a job?

      Yes, one of our main services is to help you with your job search in Canada. We help you find a job with our databases and partnerships with Canadian employers. We prepare, create, and monitor your Job Seeker Account with the Canadian federal government’s Job Bank – the biggest Canadian government database and search engine of eligible Canadian employers who are actively looking for qualified skilled candidates.

      Do I need to quit my job before I find a new job in Canada?

      People mistakenly think that they need to quit their job in order to look for a Canadian job. You can actually apply for a Canadian job while you are in your current job, and once you obtain the Canadian job you can then leave your current job in your home country.

      After moving to Canada, am I required to work the occupation that I mentioned in my application form?

      No, you are not required to work the occupation that you mentioned in your application. You are able to work in any occupation that you desire.

      Arrival to Canada

      Do I need to go with my family or can I go alone and then bring them after?

      You may come alone, establish yourself and then bring your family after.  Again, the only thing that is important in regards to keeping your permanent resident status – is that you have a total of 2 years residing in Canada – in any 5 year period.

      What are the chances that I'm going to successfully Immigrate to Canada?

      While no one can guarantee 100% success of your Immigration case (ultimately, the Immigration authorities are the only ones that can approve your application), if you have all the necessary requirements, and submit all the documents in a timely manner, you should see a successful approval of your Immigration case to Canada.

      Once I get the resident status approval, how much time do I have to move to Canada?

      12 months from the day of your medical exam.  Technically, you don’t actually have to move, if you want, you can simply come once with your family to the airport and confirm your permanent resident status. You simply would need a sum of 720 days (2 years) in any 5 year period.