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GLOBAL NETWORK ASSOCIATES (GNA) is a Canadian Immigration consultant service — that provides consulting services for obtaining permanent residency visa through the various programs authorized by the Government of Canada.

We simplify Immigration to Canada.

All of GNA’s Immigration Services Are Handled By A Federally Certified and Authorized Canadian Immigration Consultant by the CCIC – “College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants”.

Name: David Weinshtein
RCIC #: R421319
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Welcome to Global Network Associates!

We welcome you to our website and thank you for letting us be part of your search for better and more secure long-term options in your life, both for yourself and your family.  Together, we can make your dreams a reality. 

Our area of expertise is helping Latin Americans to Immigrate to Canada under permanent resident status by preparing their documents and submitting them to the Immigration authorities.

We work with people who want to create a CHANGE in their lives – a better future with more opportunities.  We help them along their entire Immigration process – helping them find a job, to finding a place to live!  We’ve successfully Immigrated over 2,600 families over the years — and they are happy living their new lives in Canada!

The strong growth of the Canadian economy requires continuous growth and development of its immigration system – already the largest and most accessible in the developed world.   

The Canadian immigration systems is in a very exciting moment of its expansion, allowing more and more people from all around the world and form all professional and personal backgrounds, to share the CANADIAN DREAM! Make this dream yours and allow us to show you how. 

The first step of the process is to complete our application form which evaluates all of your Immigration options to Canada.  Please click here for the application form.

What we can do for you

Our Premium List of Services


Formal Evaluation

A detailed evaluation and analysis is performed of our clients’ cases.  We evaluate all of the available feasible, fastest, most convenient and least expensive options, available to our clients, taking into account all the relevant details and circumstances.


File Preparation

We prepare, create, and monitor our clients’ personal electronic immigration profiles in the Canadian federal government’s Express Entry and Job Bank database.

Representation & Monitoring

We assist our clients in the correct preparation and management of their files.  We submit our client’s’ immigration application files to the corresponding Canadian immigration authorities when instructed to do so.  We formally represent and monitor our clients’ submitted applications and files.

Preparation for arrival to Canada

Practice Material for the examinations of English and / or French (depending on your case), government support programs and financial support, and much more!


Assistance for Employment

We assist you to find a job in Canada through preparation, creation, and monitoring of our clients’ Job Seeker Account with the Canadian federal government’s Job Bank. 

Settlement Services

Airport pick-up (when client lands to Canada), assistance and support: in locating and acquiring housing (rent, purchase, etc.), to enroll in courses of English and / or French language(s), schooling and much more. 

What Our Previous Clients Have to Say About GNA.

By learning more about their stories, you will understand exactly what it is that Canada offers people, as the best option for your future!  We can’t wait for your success story!

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