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Our services are only as good as the value and the benefit that they bring to you – our clients.  With that in mind we have created various service packages to fit the needs or our clients. Our main goal and focus is your success, achieved through a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Service Package

In order to make your Canadian immigration application process the least stressful and to ensure that our services offer you the most value possible, we have created various comprehensive packages of services designed for every stage of the immigration process.

We understand very well the journey and what it takes to successfully begin a new life in Canada…

…which is why WE ARE HERE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PROCESS from the very beginning of compiling your language exam and supporting documents — to the very end of finally establishing yourself in Canada and helping you find a job!

Remember, it’s not required of you to have everything ready and prepared in order to become our client – because this is exactly the scope of our services

— beginning the entire journey with you.

We simply need for you to decide to commit to changing your current life circumstances — and we will help you with the rest.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU —from beginning to end.

1. English / French Preparation

A big part of our services is the PREPARATION for your successful Immigration. We first must prepare and have everything organized BEFORE we submit your application to the Immigration authorities.

In the beginning, we help you fulfill 2 VERY IMPORTANT steps:

1. One on One Preparation Sessions for the English / French Exam

When you become our client – you have access to 1 on 1 weekly classes from our professional English/French trainers that specialize in preparing you for the IELTS or TEF exam — specifically for Immigration purposes.

It’s important to note that the English and/or French language exams for Canadian Immigration are very unique exams that require organized and very catered preparation.

The teaching methodology of our English and/or French trainers are as follows:

1.  To begin with, our English or French trainers give you a diagnostic test as well a quick IELTS/TEF General quiz to assess your current English or French level.

2.  Our trainers create a specific strategy that fits the needs of each student.  The English and/or French language exams are very unique exams that require organized and very catered preparation.  For example, it is important to understand that in the Reading section of the IELTS exam – you MUST only skim through the text in order to have enough time to respond to all the questions.

3.  Taking as many practice tests as possible is necessary in order to be prepared for exam day.  Our English/French trainers make sure that our clients practice with previous exams (which includes questions and answers) that were asked in recent exams.  In addition, our trainers introduce unique tips and templates that students can use to better structure their thoughts and arguments during the exam.

This can save our clients $1,000s in language training and preparation.

2.  Obtaining your ECA (education credential assessment)

An assessment of your formal education, comparing it to its Canadian equivalent. This process of formal evaluation is performed by third – party organizations which are authorized by the Canadian government and its immigration authorities, for the purpose of assessing your foreign educational credentials.

2. Service of Immigration

We evaluate all the feasible options to reach the fastest, most economical and secure way to apply the request of our client, taking into account all the details of your particular case. We always keep our clients informed about all the options available to him/her.

  1. Consulting
  2. Evaluation
  3. Document preparation and translations services
  4. File Preparation and Submission
  5. Formal Representation of Clients
  6. Monitoring of Clients’ processes with Immigration authorities


  • A detailed evaluation and analysis is performed of our clients’ cases. All of the currently available Canadian immigration programmes are considered, based on our client’s personal and professional profile and circumstances.
  • We evaluate all of the available feasible, fastest, most convenient and least expensive options, available to our clients, taking into account all the relevant details and circumstances. We always keep the clients informed about all options available to him or her.
  • A detailed explain all of the expenses, which are associated with our clients’ immigration application processes is provided to our clients, in order to help them budget accordingly.  
  • We prepare, create, and monitor our clients’ personal electronic immigration profiles in the Canadian federal government’s Express Entry database.
  • Additionally, we prepare, create, and monitoring our clients’ professional electronic profiles in the Canadian federal government’s Job Bank. Please refer to “Assistance for Employment” down below.
  • We provide assistance, preparation, submission, and monitoring of our clients’ application process for the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report of their foreign educational credentials, which consists of an assessment and comparison service of their foreign studies to corresponding Canadian training. The presentation of this report is an obligatory requirement and part of the immigration application process. (This is an optional service which is always available to our clients, as per their preference).
  • Detailed and timely instructions are provided regarding the taking of the corresponding official English and/or French language tests, which are formally recognized by the Canadian government for the purpose of an immigration application process.
  • We provide practical and useful English and / or French interactive study and review material and tools, including preparation material and tools to assist our clients in preparing for the taking of the required language test(s).  This can save our clients $1,000s in language training and preparation.
  • We review and assess our clients’ files and assist our clients in the correct preparation and management of their files.
  • Our federally authorized Canadian Certified Immigration consultant officially submits our client’s’ immigration application files to the corresponding Canadian immigration authorities when instructed to do so.  The Canadian Certified Immigration Consultant is formally authorized by our clients to represent them and their files and act on their behalf, while working closely together with them.
  • We formally represent and monitor our clients’ submitted applications and files with the appropriate Canadian immigration authorities
  • There is regularly, timely and efficient communication with the proper Canadian immigration authorities regarding our clients’ application processes for the purpose of monitoring the status and progress of their files
  • We provide comprehensive preparation and supporting material for our clients who may be asked to attend a personal interview with the appropriate Canadian immigration authorities (if required)
  • Providing reliable liaison services for our clients; receiving, forwarding, and responding to all forms of correspondence between our clients and the corresponding Canadian immigration authorities, and visa versa
3. Preparation for arrival to Canada

Many people mistakenly think that moving to Canada is complex and stressful – and it certainly doesn’t need to be.  People mistakenly think that once they receive their permanent resident status that they need to immediately come to Canada, sell everything in their home country as fast as possible, and that is simply not the case.   

All that one is required to do – is to come to the airport (within 1 year of receiving their status) and simply confirm their PR status.  Then, they can go back to their home country and slowly prepare the move to Canada, without any stress.  We have been doing this for the past 20 years and based on our experiencethis is the best strategy.

The only requirement in order to not lose one’s permanent resident status, is to live in Canada for at least 2 years (720 days) in the 5 year window of when they received their PR status.


You also have access to information about:

  1. Statistical and comparative information about the cost of living in several Canadian cities
  2. Health services and health insurance paid by the government
  3. Primary and secondary education (public schools, Catholic, and private), and post-secondary (Technical Institutes and Universities)
  4. Financial subsidies, grants, scholarships and loans from the government of Canada for post-secondary students
  5. Government support programs and financial support
  6. List of governmental and non-governmental organizations that offer various support services for new permanent residents (in their native language).
  7. List of agencies of accreditation and regulation, professional and occupational (at national and provincial levels).
  8. Data on the types of taxes in all provinces and territories of Canada.
  9. Information about Canadian laws and Canadian culture
  10. Information about the purchase of real estate
  11. Information about business and investment opportunities
  12. Access to a directory of more than 3,500 government offices, associations, and foundations that offer subsidies, grants, and loans for various projects of social, cultural, and business projects.
  13. Information related to business in Canada (purchases, taxes, marketing, distribution, loans, etc.)
4. Assistance for Employment
  1. Canadian Job Searches Services
  2. Canadian Job Offers Support Services
  • Preparation, creation, and monitoring of our clients’ Job Seeker Account with the Canadian federal government’s Job Bank- the biggest Canadian government data base and search engine of eligible Canadian employers who are actively looking for qualified skilled candidates.  The Job bank currently has 85,000 active job postings.
  • Registering our clients’ Job Seeker Account for personalized email job alerts that will notify them of new job postings twice a day, which are corresponding to their professional online profile.
  • Ensuring that our clients’ professional profiles of their Job Seeker Account in the Job Bank are highlighting their professional qualifications in the most effective way, according to the requirements of the Canadian employers and the Canadian Labour Market standards.
  • Submitting our clients’ professional profiles to other major government and private job banks and search engines, in order to increase their exposure to potential Canadian employers and/or recruiters who may be interested in their professional qualifications.

You have full access to information about:

  • A list of more than 3,740 professionals talents and firms recruiting, organized by provinces of Canada. The list has full contact details so that you can contact employers directly and send their resumes. The service of these companies has NO cost to our clients.
    • This updated list of more than 3,740 Canadian companies are constantly recruiting people.
    • List of job opportunities in 80 different professions/occupations in all provinces and territories of Canada.
    • The list is updated weekly and contains thousands of new employment opportunities.
  • Access to a database of files explaining step-by-step, how to find employment in Canada and how to prepare the resumes, documents etc.
    • Registration in government aid programs for job search
    • Updated information about the climate, the Canadian labor market (for all professions and occupations), at national, provincial, and municipal levels. The information includes data on: wages, working conditions, training requirements, experience and accreditation, employment levels, and future projections for the different types of work for occupations and professions.
    • Course of 2 months full-time (without additional cost) of how to find work in the Canadian labour marketing including:
    • Preparation for job interviews ⁃ Drafting of C.V. (curriculum vitae) ⁃ Job-search skills
    • The following services are supplementary and may be provided in cases where the Canadian employer/recruiter and/or our client prefer to deal with us as their representative in any corresponding immigration applications and/or procedures corresponding to a job offer from a Canadian employer.

  • Representing our clients with the various potential Canadian employers and/or recruiters who may be interested in offering him or her employment
  • In the event that a Canadian employer and/or recruiter intends to make a formal job offer to our client, we represent our client in the direct negotiations with the specific Canadian employer and/or recruiter
  • If requested by the Canadian employer/recruiter and/or our client, we will assist the specific Canadian employer and/or recruiter in preparing, submitting, and monitoring the corresponding immigration application for a work permit and/or the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), if required.
5. Settlement Services (Post-Arrival to Canada)

Locating and acquiring housing (rent, purchase, etc.)

  • Upon arrival in Canada, we immediately connect you to our dedicated real estate expert who specializes in helping newcomers & Immigrants find the perfect home given their needs and budget.

In addition:

  • Orientation
  • Assistance and support to enroll in courses of English and / or French language(s) provided by the Canadian government at no cost to the client.
  • Assistance for obtaining various identifications: Driver’s License, Passport, Government insurance coverage, Social Security Card, etc.
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts.
  • Assistance and guidance for enrollment in universities, colleges, schools and / or kindergartens.
  • Assistance in Employment Search (ex: the opening of a business).
  • Before arriving in Canada our clients receive the ‘Handbook of Thriving’, which includes all the information and resources needed to help them achieve a successful transition (mentioned above in “Preparation for Arrival to Canada”).


Our priorities are our clients and our goal is to make their immigration and settlement process as agreeable and efficient as possible. We achieve this through professional preparation, representation, and management of our clients’ immigration processes and by providing them with practical and tangible tools, which assist them in adapting to their new lives in Canada.

  1. We don’t waste our clients’ time, money, and effort with things that do not directly help them in achieving their goal of a brighter future in Canada
  2. We do not tell our clients what they want to hear, but instead tell them what they must know to be successful in their immigration process.
  3. We do not create false or unrealistic expectations for our clients
  4. We try to simplify and make more easily understood the very complex Canadian immigration system, which changes regularly and often
  5. We find solutions to our clients circumstances and needs
  6. We try to be proactive in our handling of our clients’ files, given the fact that the Canadian immigration rules and regulations change, often with very direct consequences for our clients
  7. We do everything possible to make our clients feel empowered to help themselves and to have control over various stages and processes of their immigration application process
  8. We will not take your case unless we know that we can help and offer you real value through our services which are based on more than 22 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise