Why gna?


With over 20 years of experience, our team works with one thing in mind – to offer options and solutions for your immigration, employment, and business needs. The GNA team has one only goal: the success of your immigration process.


One of our main priorities is the full protection of our clients from any financial risk, which may be present during the immigration process. Our clients do not pay any expenses before they are thoroughly assessed for eligibility to qualify under a particular immigration category.  We will not take your case unless we know that we can help and offer you real value through our services which are based on more than 22 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise.

We cater to your specific Immigration situation

Our team of experts analyzes the specific individual needs of the client and a customized solution is offered for consideration.  Remember, every person’s situation is different – we customize our services and programs, to your immigration goals and needs.

Empowering You of your immigration process

Our mission is to facilitate and shorten the process of adaptation for our clients, in their new life, thus assisting them in becoming productive members of the global community. This is achieved by offering tangible professional tools such as education, guidance, contact base, and realistic expectations.

Certified immigration consultant

David Weinshtein

GLOBAL NETWORK ASSOCIATES (GNA) is a private Canadian Immigration Consultant Service Company – that provides consulting, client representation, application process management, and support services in all matters of legal immigration to Canada, through the various programs that are offered by the Government of Canada.

GNA is lead by Mr. David Weinshtein, a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant authorized by the Federal Government (it is important to note that only authorized consultants can represent the government for these procedures) with over 20 years of experience. 

He has successfully processed several thousands of Immigration cases providing Canadian immigration and settlements services to new Canadian permanent residents from all over the world, including South America –  Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama Venezuela, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic & the European Union.